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English Ministries

PPCC Juniors

Ages 4 to 12
Every Sunday 10.30-11.30am

PPCC Juniors ministers to the spiritual needs of children by preaching the gospel and teaching the Bible every week.

The ministry aims to:

  • Bring the gospel to unsaved young ones with a view that they will follow Christ in baptism and obey His commands
  • Help in the spiritual development of those who have already accepted Jesus Christ as Saviour, to be diligent in the Word of God, obedient, faithful and fruitful
  • Instill in children a love for praying, singing hymns and reading the Bible daily

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Youth & Young Adults

Youth Fellowship
Ages 13 to 19
Every Sunday 2-4pm

E02 (Edifying 0thers 2gether)
Ages 20 to 30
Every Sunday 2-4pm

Click here to view our YF & E02 schedule for 2024
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Adult Care Groups

Ages 30 and above
Weekly, fortnightly, monthly depending on CG

Our various care groups are designed to support each other in prayer and encouragement through the journey of life and to help each other apply Biblical principles to change into Christlikeness.

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Active Minds Program (AMP)

Ages 45 and above
Every Saturday 10am-1pm (runs for 8 weeks, rest for 4 weeks)
Fee: $15 for members, $30 for non-members (subject to change)

AMP is designed to reach out to older members and friends with the gospel. Various activities such as reading a book together, learning new art and craft projects, and picking up a musical instrument are tailored to help keep the minds stay active. Through these activities, we also hope to foster relationships that are focused on achieving a healthy Christian walk in the Lord.

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